Undergraduate Course load

Each semester I also participated in the Grinnell Symphony Orchestra and music lessons (french horn, with the exception of voice lessons during the fall of 2019).

Fall 2018

Freshmen Tutorial – Coping with Climate Change: How Science, Politics and Ethics Interact

History 100 – Europe Under Great Dictators

English 120 – Introduction to Literary Analysis

GWS 111 – Introduction to Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies

Spring 2019

Political Science 101 – Introduction to Political Science

Sociology 111 – Introduction to Sociology

History 295 – Special Topic: The Crusades in the Middle East

Math 115 – Introduction to Statistics

Fall 2019

History 239 – Opera, Politics and Society in Modern Europe

History 295 – Special Topic: Chinese Environmental History

PCS 101 – Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies

Political Science 295 – Iowa Caucus Politics

Spring 2020*

Political Science 259 – Human Rights: Foundations, Challenges, and Choices

Philosophy 295 – Special Topic: Environmental Ethics

History 201 – Colonial Latin America

Math 195 – Demystifying Mathematics

Fall 2020**

History 336 – The European Metropolis

Anthropology 295 – Special Topic: Jews, Multiculturalism, Antisemitism

Environmental Studies 261 – Climate Change, Development, and Environment

Religious Studies 195 – Special Topic: Protest and Piety, Religion & Contemporary Social Movements

Peace and Conflict Studies 195 – Special Topic: Literature of Peace

Spring 2021**

Political Science 219 – Constitutional Law and Politics

Art 295 – Special Topic: Experimental Media in the Pandemic Age

History 281 – Science and Society

Political Science 355 – Courts and Politics in the Comparative Perspective

Fall 2021

Political Science 352 – US Foreign Policy-making Process

Political Science 262 – African Politics

History 284 – Surveillance in Modern History

Philosophy 102 – Symbolic Logic

Spring 2022 (planned)

History 371 – Human Rights in Asia

Education 217 – Comparative and International Education

Humanities 195 – Special Topic: Introduction to Material Culture Studies


Semesters with an * were started on campus but completed online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Semesters with an ** were completed fully online.

Grinnell College – BA

During my studies I have earned a GPA of 3.92 and been on the Dean’s List for 5 semesters. In the Spring of 2021, I was named the recipient of the Leonard M. Kurz ’75 Student Peace Award and a Payne Grant recipient.

Leonard M. Kurz ’75 Student Peace Award
(May 2021 ● Peace and Conflict Studies Program and Concentration; Grinnell College)
Through a generous gift from Leonard M. Kurz ‘75, this award was established in 2016 to help further campus and community awareness of issues related to peace and conflict studies and to support leadership efforts by students in these areas. This award includes a financial prize and is announced at Commencement to a third-year student or senior who has exemplified engagement with the field of peace and conflict studies both inside and outside the classroom.

Payne Grant
(May 2021 ● The Grinnell College Department of History and the Payne Fund)
An individual grant from the Payne Fund awarded to other select rising seniors who have earned recognition for their scholarly achievements.

Dean’s List at Grinnell College
Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2020, Fall 2021, Spring 2021

Eastview High School

September 2014 – June 2018

GPA: 3.89

Achievements and Awards (Reverse Chronological Order)

Advanced Placement Scholar with Distinction
(July 2018)

Band Scholarship
(May 2018 ● The Ruegg Family; Eastview Community Foundation)
“We purposely set this up to honor the good band students who maybe didn’t get as much recognition… We also wanted to recognize strong academics, but again honoring hard working students who weren’t always recognized as much as the absolute top-of-the class students” (Source).

Graduate with Highest Honors at Eastview High School
(June 2018)

President’s Education Award at Eastview High School
(June 2018)

STEM Scholar at Eastview High School
(June 2018)

All State – Mock Trial

Mock Trial Captain at Eastview High School
(May 2017 – April 2018)
I was asked to step into the role as captain for the Eastview Mock Trial team during my senior year after being an attorney on the team for two previous years. As captain, I not only took time during practice to work with my own trial group, but also with younger attorneys and witnesses to help them succeed. That year, ‘varsity’ and ‘junior varsity’ groups from Eastview were paired against each other to go to the state mock trial competition. In 2018, I earned the Lighting Award for my team leadership as well as the Best Attorney award for the varsity group.

Band Department Student Assistant at Eastview High School
(August 2017 – June 2018)
Instead of taking a study hall during my senior year, I decided to work for the Band department during a class period throughout the year as their student assistant. I set up the whole program for success by cleaning instruments, making equipment more accessible, organizing and distributing music, and cleaning the classroom.

University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Honor Band – French Horn

Eastview Marching Band Service Team
(May 2017 – November 2017 ● Founding Member)
After being a member of the Eastview marching band from freshman through senior year of high school, I interviewed for an was selected to be a part of the inaugural marching band service team. Service Team was created to supplement section leaders in providing guiding figures for the 150-person band. Members went “above and beyond the call of duty” to perform non-glamourous, behind-the-scenes work to prepare the band for competitions. In addition to weekly meetings to discuss morale and boosting performance, one project I worked on was painting and building a 12-foot-tall, 36-feet-long house (The house can be seen during this video of the 2017 show, “The House on Summit Avenue”).

National Honor Society member with the Eastview High School Chapter
(May 2016 – May 2018)
At Eastview, “All 10th and 11th graders are invited to be candidates for NHS membership. The process consists of four parts, correlating with the four pillars of the national and EVHS organizations – Scholarship, Leadership, Character, & Service. All four parts are EQUALLY examined to determine if a candidate should be inducted into the Eastview Chapter of National Honor Society” (Source). Visit the Eastview NHS Website here; the membership application featured on the site is the same as the application I filled out in 2016 (as of June 2021).